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Only two more sleeps left before we hop on the plane for Kenya. We have been waiting for this moment for so long and now it is almost here I'm not sure what I should be feeling. Excited? Tick. Nervous? Tick. Apprehensive? Absolutely. Is there any doubt in my mind that we should not go ahead with this big adventure? None at all. I so believe this is meant to be and that we are so incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity that we are going to grab it with both hands. Knowing you are chasing a dream doesn't mean there won't be any doubts though.

Some doubts are big and some are small so let's tackle the small ones first. What if the kids fight non-stop in the car and drive us nuts? What if we all get bed bugs from sleeping in some dodgy hotel? What if we run out of clean undies? What if it rains non stop and nothing dries, mud everywhere, no hot shower and we've all got the runs? Could happen. And what about all the creature comforts we will be living without but take for granted when we've got them (fridge, toilet, hot shower, air con just to name a few). As for the big doubts, best not to talk about them as I'm slightly superstitious and I don't want to jinx myself.

At the end of the journey I will probably look back over this entry and laugh but right now my mind is full of the what ifs. The thing that works best for me when I'm having a what if moment is to focus on how magic it will be seeing our first African sunset, watching the wonder in the kids faces when they see their first giraffe or big cat, and best of all just having the five of us as a tight little unit living our dream.

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