We preped the area

suspended off the ground, adding parts.

those metal "wings" attach to the bottom of the coach.

that was the easy part, sliding it under and securing it to...

The Porta-Bote slides in there, put the door up and secure it.

Rebecca's brother, Tim after hearing our plight of the destroyed Porta-Bote last spring, wanted to make another box or rack for a new Porta-Bote. We have a line on a near new bote being sold to us by friends who live in Conroe, Texas. Tim worked long and hard to construct this new box, but needed Dave's help to secured it to the bottome of the coach. This box is constructed more solid and is attached underneath more secure. To give you and idea of the size of the box, it's 6 inches tall, 24 inches wide, 11 feet long.

For more information about the amazing Porta-Bote go to: www.portabote.com

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