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Waking up in Dubai!!!!

Good bye castles, churches, the Euro, and all together "Expensive Europe" - Hello Dubai!!! From the small taste of a very wealthy part of the middle East that I experienced- I loved it!

I'm so glad I put Dubai on my itinerary! It reminded me of Las Vegas, but better because there is a beach! Finally I'm back on the beach where I belong!!! It had been about 3 months since I was swimming in the Red Sea in Egypt, so I was very excited to get back to the surf, water, and sun!

There are soooo many tall buildings everywhere in Dubai. From the world's tallest building, the world's only 7 star resort, the world's tallest twisted building, in-door skiing - Dubai seriously has things that you just can't experience anywhere else in the world!!!! 

I stayed in the Marina District, which was very nice. I was not on a Contiki tour in Dubai and it was lovely being on my own. Not having 6am wake ups to catch the bus was awesome and not having to drive to the next city which always seemed never-ending as it took a full day to get to different cities throughout Europe. From my hotel I had a short walk to the beach and I was super close to the metro. The metro was safe and very easy to use. 

I mainly went to the beach and shopped a little bit. Dubai is the first place I have been that had so many American brands, stores, and restaurants, which was very refreshing! The malls were huge and beautiful. There is an aquarium inside the Dubai Mall, which was free and amazing! 

The highlight of my time in Dubai was definitely the indoor skiing!!!! I skied and went to the beach all in the same day!! That's a first for me!! Two of my very favorite activities all in the same 24 hours was like a dream come true. 

Next up Thanksgiving in Thailand!!!! My big trip just keeps getting better!!! I certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year!!!

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