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Morning sun over the lake - view from hotel window






Ferry ride across the lake











Village of Stresa








coffee in the winter sun.








Glorious day today. Bright sunshine and clear blue skies. Perfect day for a ferry ride around the lake.

We left the dock at Pallanza, then on to Bevano, then to the islands of Superiore and Bella, before docking on the other side of the lake at Stresa . Delightful village with a labyrinth of winding streets a block away from the shoreline.

Found a terrific small trattoria for a bit of lunch. It had a real homey feeling. Tables were covered with red damask cloths. To the left of us was a table at which four elderly gents were sitting, supping a red wine or two, conversing animatedly, perhaps the weather, or perhaps the state of the Eurozone. Whatever it was, you got the impression it was something they did together on a regular basis. We ordered a coffee and pizza for lunch. Quite simply, scrumptuous. Eagle boys and Pizza Hut could learn a thing or two.

A couple of hours spent exploring the back streets, and then it was time to catch the ferry back to where we started. While waiting for the ferry, we sat on a park bench overlooking the lake. Breathtaking and peaceful. The blue skies above were crisscrossed with vapor trails from jets flying to all points of the globe. Norther Italy seems to be the crossroads of the air.

What can one say about the natural beauty of this area? Nothing. Words don't do it justice. Even the photos don't adequately capture it. You'll just have to come and see it for yourself.

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