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Having left Missoula in cold (relatively speaking) sunshine and arrived here at Daphne & John's Wednesday eve Snoqualmie Pass in rain and then a torrent past Seattle in horrendous (comparatively speaking) rush hour traffic, we are happily 'on our way' travelling once again. It seems to be here at D & J's that we can begin our transition from 'home' thoughts to more 'worldly' thoughts. Less focused on the everyday, even minute by minute minutinae of living to a broader vision of who we are and where we're headed down the road in both space and time.

I think it is because not only are we physically separate from our 'home base' but also connecting with D & J, who are also travellers with a roaming gene, we discuss more than just the foolishness of political personages (of course, Canada has its share as well, but media here doesn't seem to shy from being blunt about them).

Bon has booked plane tickets on the 2nd of November from Bali to Perth to Darwin so as to save us a bit of $$$. She has seen prices begin to escalate around this time (November) so perhaps the eclipse is impacting availability more generally w.r.t. travel to/from/around Australia?! We booked our hostel reservations over a year ago in Cairns so we are set there and now in Darwin at Dingo Moon Lodge for the 6 days there, but how far out and about we must now be concerned with is another question. Our plan is now to explore Australia for the month after the eclipse before returning home. Our thinking is that with the impact of travellers on accomodations/reservations etc. and also the necessity to take Malarone (malaria pills) in Indonesia, we will be better off completing all our Indonesia exploring before heading to Australia thus eliminating the need to break off the pills and begin again (consuming more pills which @ $4.50/day is no small savings). We pick up our Malarone here (Surrey) Friday, this time 100 days worth each - each trip the cost of malaria pills purchased in Canada has saved us at least $1 per pill so our visits to D & J are more than paid for both in dollars and sensability - great friends are what motivate much of our travel in the end. After all is said and done what we remember most is not the places we've seen (which for the most part are fleeting glimpses really) but the connections with people along the way. Fortunately, we are able to maintain these connections to a greater degree via the incredible advances in IT communications. I am hopeful that the Arab spring and subsequent turmoils throughout the world to a great extent a result of IT, will continue to bring a more equitable distribution of power and resources. Up until now IT has benefited mostly the rich and grossly advantaged but we are seeing more and more evidence that change is coming as long as IT and telecommunications are not co-opted by the oligarchs who have until now become rich selling their 'goods'. Strange English word for 'stuff' as well as 'beneficial'...I wonder how it came about to represent both when so much of the 'stuff' we consume now is not 'good'...sorry, I am wandering. I guess that means it's time to quit for now.

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