Christmas 2011 travel blog

An early morning start to catch the ferry to San Pedro. According to the locals it was the inspiration for Madonna's hit song in the 80's.

Then the long ferry ride to Chetumal, Mexico.

Picture it, if you will-a full speedboat ferry of approximately 100 passengers, a windy day and very rough seas...and no one got sick! My bum is still sore from sitting on the middle row of storage boxes for 2 hours.

I was so happy to finally sit on the bus for 2 hours to get to Tulum.

The ride was great- I slept for most of it.

We arrived in Tulum with thoughts of the first BBQ of 2012 in our minds.

Teamwork prevailed and after a shop at the supermarket by some and the rest getting the BBQ started( we're talking real wood and matches-and a bit of cursing and blood sweat and tears) the 2 boys of the hotel owners got it going in 10 minutes.

The food was amazing and done to perfection, of course the cervezas may have helped, we retired to our beds.

The next morning we had a hearty breakfast and off to explore the Mayan site of Tulum, a very important site for trading as it is on the coast.

Needless to say it is sitting high on a rocky cliff with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

After exploring and "listening" to the countless tour guides we learned a lot about the reason for it's existence-it was to honor Venus and the site lines of the buildings aline with Venus' celestial path throughout the year, very important for farming, harvesting and blood sacrifice.

We then had to explore the white sand beaches and the azur sea. A plethora of sites and sounds more reasons to stay and not return.

In the afternoon we were off to Playa del Carmen and our final stop.

Of course being in Mexico, tequila, Dos Equis and tacos abound- all 3 are so much tastier under the Mexican Riviera sun!

I have to catch the ferry to Cozumel on Saturday so bought my ticket for my inevitable return home to snow, wind and winter boots, but forgive me if I write slowly, as a hangover from tequila shots, margaritas and wild abandon have me taking it easy for my last days here in paradise.

Now to enquire about parasailing...

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