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Airplane seen enroute to Myrtle Beach.

Another view of the "portable" aircraft.

An airboat?

Sign at entrance. This is the way!

Entry gate to the Oyster Festival in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

In line for tickets.

Crossing wooden path over swampy area.

Cotton plant.

Harvested cotton field on left.

A bicycle built for 12!

Shriner cars.

Welcome to the Oyster Festival!

Charleston will celebrate Mardi Gras, too.

Entry to some vendor booths.

Vendor car.

Another vendor car.

Main stage is under the tent.

Many folks came early!

Tables surrounded oyster shell recovery trailer.

Cocktail sauce on the serving line.

The first bucket of oysters for the day.

Folks are eager to get their oysters.

Look at the steaming hot oysters!

John's on his way to get some oysters, too.

Another bucket of oysters...

John and Sally shucking their oysters.

Oyster steamers.

Unloading oysters from sacks to racks.

The bagged oysters arrive in tractor trailer trucks.

Steam-cleaning oysters before they're put in steamers.

Look at all the steam!

Cute little covered wagon.

Local restaurants had booths, e.g. Hymans Seafood.

Gilligan's vendor booth.

A. W. Shuck's is a popular vendor, too.

Not everyone likes seafood, so there were other options.

The gyros looked good!

Red's Ice House was there, too.

Sally checks out the options.

One of the vendors.

Pig's head at Jim "n Nick's BBQ booth.

Wine was available, too.

Lines of tables for shucking our oysters.

This little girl would rather play in the dirt.

A beautiful day for this event.

Marsh area on back side of plantation.

Small boat goes by.

A view of the crowd from marsh area.

Lovely live oak tree with Spanish moss.

Rescue vehicle available, if needed.

Band has started its concert.

Crowd continues to grow.

Pecan trees with moss...pecans all over the ground.

Attendees buy tickets to use for purchases.

This guy came prepared with his own table, chairs, etc.!

Crowd continues to grow!

Hand-washing station.

Note steam from cookers in background.

More eating!

Cocktail sauce, crackers, Tabasco and oysters! Hmmm!

We saw about 20 folks wearing these shirts.

Pretty messy!

Looks like this guy is ready for some more.

Oyster steam cooker.

Showing off her necklace.

Hot work!

Fillling up the buckets with hot oysters.

Hurry! Folks are waiting!

Here's another bucket!

Oyster necklace for sale.

Mardi Gras costumes.

Advertising the event.

Scary costumes!

Decorated oyster shell.

Vendor car.

Kids' area.

Inflated play area.

Some kids rode horses.

Has he eaten too many oysters?

Oh, no! More green heads.

Oyster eating contest is about to begin.

Contestants gather.

Chucking down the oysters.

Winner ate 101 oysters in 3 minutes!

Oyster shells are piling up.

No idea how many people came.


Our Roadtrek was parked near entry.

Orange golf cars used by festival staff.

Another kind of "trek."

Folks came by bicycle....

.....and motorcycle.

Nice-looking Harleys.

Returned to festival after a rest in Roadtrek.

Here we area again!

Still have some tickets left.

Ready for a snack.

Carolina Delight with Shrimp. Delicious!

Is one person going to eat all of those??

Sit anywhere you can to eat the oysters.

Don't spill that beer.

Is he headed for another beer?

The band performs again.

Lead singer for Eddie Bush and the Mayhem band.

These ladies look relaxed.

Folks of all ages.

Just one black top hat.

One of the Oyster Recovery team.

A full load of oyster shells recovered.

Some played games.

More of the crowd.

We are ready to leave.

A bus that brought folks to the event.

Headed out.

Yes, this is the right way.

Exit roadway, dusty but scenic.

A small house along the exit road.

An outlying parking area.

Vacant sweetgrass vendor shack.

Boone Hall Farm store.

Sunday January 29th 2012

Lowcountry Oyster Festival

Boone Hall Plantation

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Eighteenth-century satirist Jonathan Swift once wrote: "He was a bold man who first ate an oyster." Perhaps that man was from the Lowcountry, where oysters have been on the menu for hundreds of years. The oyster seems to have earned a passionate spot in the hearts of most Lowcountry residents.

The Oyster Fest is a one day tribute to the mighty mollusk so many of us know and love. It is little wonder that the Oyster Festival has been the highlight of Charleston’s “January-doldrums” for the past 29 years. Early on Sunday morning, two gigantic tractor trailers filled with 65,000 pounds of oysters roll onto the polo fields at Boone Hall Plantation. Oysters are sold by the bucket. Aside from plenty of oysters, there’s a “Food Court” offering taste-tempting selections from some of the Lowcountry’s most popular restaurants. Activities Include: the Oyster Shucking Contest, Oyster Eating Contest, live band on the main stage, Children's Area, and more.

• Year Event Started : 1982

• Event Hours : 10:30am - 5pm

• Admission Fee

• Fee : $12 advance tickets, $15 day-of event Advance tickets may be purchased at any of the 10 area Southcoast Community Banks, Boone Hall Farms or the Mount Pleasant Visitor’s Center, and by going to our website.

• Food Vendors


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