What Is Happening with Daisy 2012 travel blog

My first activity of the day was to go to the gym for the Silver Sneakers class. We had a different instructor today and so our exercises were different. Most of the exercises were easy enough but the ones in which we stretched to the side were uncomfortable to my lower back. Later, at my back therapy session, I asked Dr. Sanders whether I should omit that type of exercise and he said I should.

On the spur of the moment this morning I decided to call my hair stylist to see whether she could cut my hair. Unfortunately, she had sustained a broken wrist when she fell from her porch and will be unable to work for 6-8 weeks. Since I didn’t want to wait that long for my next haircut, I made an appointment with another stylist. She didn’t do quite so well with my wavy hair. At least it grows fast and may look better in a couple of weeks.

My last stop was at Genie Car Wash to get Sweet Pea spiffed up. She looked scruffy.

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