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What an awesome day we have had today!

Marilyn fixed a fine breakfast which we shared with quiet conversation.

We have been “on-the-go” ever since we arrived here at Llano Grande Resort and it has been fun. However, we are now in the need of some downtime and that is what we are enjoying today. A really quiet day!

After breakfast I dried the dishes while Marilyn washed them.

I made the bed while Marilyn finished cleaning the living room, dining area and the kitchen.

It seems that we can never get our trash accumulation to match the trash pickup days of Tuesday and Friday, so I hauled our trash to the dumpster.

Deciding to go get the mail I walked over to Jesse & Ginger’s site, which is the same site we occupied three years ago.

Jesse & Ginger have had their mail sent to us while they have been traveling, so I kidded Jesse about going to check my mailbox to see if they had any mail. He decided to walk with me and check his own mail box.

Guess what! In his box, there was a Christmas Card for Marilyn & me. It was from my sister-in-law, who still had our address the same as it was three years ago, even though we have changed locations twice since that time.

Marilyn enjoyed her quiet time while I was off doing things. She did her morning meditations with soft music in the background, then changed into her walking clothes and took a walk in the resort.

I have decided to get Marilyn one of those new Kindle Fire’s for her birthday, which is on the 28th. I’m sure she will like it.

Janet and Jesse each have one and both of them think it is just great.

In the middle of the afternoon we walked across the street to sit outdoors with Jesse & Ginger, talking, laughing, with a cold drink in our hands.

We stayed for awhile, then returned home to light the grill.

I cooked chicken legs on the grill after sprinkling them with the maple/jalapeno seasoning given to us by friends, Bob & Janet.

I checked the TV schedule but found nothing worth watching so we decided to watch a movie with popcorn and a cold soda beside us.

Life is Good!

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