Christmas 2011 travel blog

Well a wonderful sleep with tropical winds blowing throughout the night, what more could one ask for?

Okay... I asked for sunny weather and tropical breeze and a few drinks, but those things all come at a price...

Had a great breakfast, went to the ATM, which hasn't been working here on the island most of the weekend due to the holiday and all. After checking the signage, reading the instructions several times and putting my card in 4 different ways the machine was ready to give me some cash!

So I was ready for the sun and tropical breezes, after dropping off "my smalls" at the local laundress(just to note- there are at least 3 laundry places on each block- the town itself is only 3 blocks wide and maybe 10 blocks long)

Enjoyed strolling through town in shorts, tshirt and sandals, casually searching out some souvenirs, and a good spot to people watch with a drink in hand-ah the life.

Several of us headed out on the sunset cruise @ 5pm.

The weather was a bit chilly as we set forth on our 3 hour tour(read booze cruise) as each Raggamuffin sailing tour comes with shrimp ceviche and rum punch, and for the cruise the ship's mate thought I should taste the punch first to see if it needed more rum(is word spreading that fast here in town?)

Upon docking we made our way to Bambooze and "crazy chicken drop"-yes this event has made it on my bucket list... basically here is the game;

The game consists of a large 10X10 square with numbers from 00 to 99

You buy a ticket and choose a number from the jar.

They take a chicken and put it on the board. Whatever number it does it's business on is the winner- needless to say, I didn't win but it was an experience of a life time!

Of course everything is an experience after rum punch!

Off to Tulum Mexico this morning...and sad to say the final leg of our journey( I hear the coffee in Mexico is bad)

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