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Don’t you just hate it when you have to get up in the middle of the night and then can’t go back to sleep?

That was the way it went for me last night.

This morning however, we were up sharing a pot of coffee, talking about our agenda for the day.

The big event was the arrival of Jesse & Ginger.

Marilyn & I both needed to get haircuts so that was the first thing we addressed after our coffee was finished.

By 9:00 AM we were both freshly shorn and headed back to the resort.

We checked on the availability of an apartment for our friends Dave & Judy, who will arrive next Monday, to stay for a couple of days. The resort did have an apartment available so we called Dave to get their approval, then reserved it for them.

A trip to Walmart followed. Yes! Again! Sigh……..

We need to break this habit of running off to Walmart every time we think we need something. I may have to look in the mirror and have a stern talk with myself.

I disconnected one propane bottle and set it out to be filled. Chapa’s Propane truck arrived about 10 minutes later, filled the bottle and installed it for me.

Ted & Sue dropped by, Sue came in to chat for a few minutes and then they were off, promising to return around 4:00 PM.

Jesse & Ginger were due to arrive between 2:00 and 2:30 so I jumped into the shower, turned on the water, got myself damp, and watched as the water shooting from the shower head slowly dwindled to a trickle and then stopped altogether. What!

Marilyn checked the kitchen faucet and sure enough, no water!

I dried myself off, put on some sweat pants, retired to the comfort of my recliner and pouted.

After half an hour or so I checked the water and all was back to normal. That was my signal to get back to the shower.

Just as I turned the water off and started to get out of the shower I heard Marilyn shout “Here they are!”

The next thing I heard was the slamming of the door as she headed across the street to welcome Jesse & Ginger.

As soon as I could get dressed I joined the happy group across the street and exchanged hugs with our good friends.

We finally left them to get set up, with a suggestion that I have a “cold one” waiting for them.

We told them to come on over whenever they were ready.

Soon Jesse & Ginger, Bob & Janet, Henry & Pam, and Ted & Sue joined us in lawn chairs sitting on the patio.

Happy Hour at 4:00 with hot dogs and delicious side dishes, along with the cold drinks. Now that’s a good way to take advantage of the bright sunshine and warm temps.

Life is Good!

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