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One benefit of my new Humana Insurance plan is free membership at Gold’s Gym. Nancy Riley is a member also so we’re going to keep each other motivated. Today was my first day to work out. I was able to do all the exercises with only a little pain in my lower back, which I don’t think will be a danger. I really want to get back in shape and lose these spare tires around my middle section! I’ve been sedentary much too long. Tomorrow morning I probably will have to call EMS to help me get out of bed. :>)

While at the gym I was surprised to see some of my acquaintances, Marcia and Uwe Ehlers, whom I had met a couple of years ago at the Senior Center. The gym where they had been going has been closed.

After lunch I went to Pearle Vision to order my new eyeglasses. I used my old frames for my regular progressive, transition lenses and selected new frames for my single-vision computer glasses. I was disappointed to learn that, if I had used my insurance, they would have cost me more than just taking advantage of their “buy one pair, get one pair free” offer. As it is, they cost me $495.00. That’s outrageous! I long for the good ol’ days when I could wear a pair of contact lenses for seven years or longer. I guess those days are gone forever, though.

When I got back home, I discovered that Nancy had heaped up all my leaves into piles. She will help me bag them tomorrow. It’s great to have such good neighbors.

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