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It was after 8:00 this morning when we finally climbed out of bed to greet the day. Clear skies and brilliant sunshine welcomed us and we soon had the door and windows open, even though the outdoor temperature was still at 64 degrees.

After the usual coffee and cleaning, we took off to run some errands.

We stopped to check our mail, not really expecting to find anything except maybe for Jesse & Ginger who have had their mail forwarded to us. The result was an empty mail box, as expected.

Next on the list was to pay our electric bill. Not too bad at $76.00 for the month.

We then drove into Mercedes to pick up my cowboy boots from the boot & shoe repair shop.

With the boots in the back seat, we then drove to Walmart to do some shopping for groceries and a few other items, plus dropping off our prescriptions, which will be picked up tomorrow.

One funny thing happened while we were in the grocery store.

I had several calls from friends I had called to see if they needed anything, before we left the resort. Neither of these good friends answered the phone, but they called while I was in Walmart.

After the second call I forgot to put my phone on “lock” when I put it back in the holster.

The next time my phone rang it was our friend, Gilbert, calling from Canada. He said he was returning my call.

I guess that stupid phone called Gilbert when I put it away.

Oh well! It is always good to visit with Gilbert. We miss him & Louise this year as we had hoped that they would spend much of the winter here.

We returned to the resort where our plan was to sit and relax with the Football Bowl Games on TV.

Friends, Ben & Tina, stopped by to say hello, as they just arrived at Llano Grande yesterday. It was nice to see these good folks again and we visited for some time, before they had to leave to get some groceries.

Pam walked over from across the street and chatted for awhile.

We have sort of planned a wiener roast for tomorrow after Jesse & Ginger arrive, and Pam thought Marilyn had mentioned that the cookout was today instead of tomorrow. Nope, but we will gather tomorrow for sure. The weather forecast looks good!

We had an e-mail from a long time friend, Dave, from Wichita.

He & his wife, Judy, plan to visit us for a couple of days next week. Tomorrow, I’ll be checking on a hotel or apartment for them to use while they are here.

Life is Good!

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