Christmas 2011 travel blog

Well what a way to end 2011 but travel back in time to an ancient Mayan ritual site, Actun Tunichil Muknal.

This was a sacred site that has now been protected by the government. It has been featured on History and Discovery channels.

It is all day hike...starting at 730.

An hour by suv through some pretty rural roads--pretty scenery, pretty rutted and pretty full of rocks and holes.

A 40 minute hike crossing the clear, at times cold river, 3 times to gain entrance to this mystical location. You will be pleased to know that I met some fellow adventurous Canadians along the trek from Calgary.

The trip in the cave involved a swim of 10 meters then an hour or so of traipsing in water anywhere from ankle deep to neck deep. The caves with stalactite formations were breath taking( although the water temperature may have played a factor)

Then to the dry caves to view thousand year old ruins unmoved by humans, as they have crystallized in place.(basically cemented in time)

There is evidence that at least 14 human sacrifices were made in the cave, probably to appease the gods for help during times of extreme rain or drought.

Another amazing guide Martin lead us through time with his haunting storytelling.

New years celebrations included dinner drinks and a street party with fireworks...however we were so exhausted from the day it was lucky we survived til midnight. 12:05am we headed to bed.

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