Christmas 2011 travel blog

Well,after a long ride to Flores we took off a little later this morning and headed to Tikal, but not to see the ruins... zip line adventure number 2!

A bunch of us headed out with William our driver for the day--ziplining, some time at the beach then home for a relaxing evening.

The zip line at Tikal is 8 lines and about 30 m off the ground-not overly adventurous for an old pro like myself- or so I thought!

One is told if they wish to challenge themselves they can let go of the cable etc and flip upside down...the guide did it no problem... needless to say when I tried it I ended up spreading my legs and leaning back and looking more suggestive then daring!

After our adventure we headed to a little village by the lake for a much needed beer( I have decided this is now the ritual) and some beach time.

The lake was warm and definitely the relaxing atmosphere we had all hoped for.

As we left the van at our hotel we were told by William, "See you tomorrow at 5 am"

We thought he was joking...

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