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Huge Banana! Tastes a bit different than a "normal" banana, but still...

River cruise to Bako

Getting there!

Made it! Waves were an adventure!


Proboscis monkey

We love these guys!

Wild Bearded pigs right next to our room

Ugly! Face only a mother could love

macaque monkeys at night

Pit Viper

Flying lemur, found on our night tour.

A few families of bearded pigs on the beach, early in the...




So cool! Early in the morning on the beach.

Deep in thought?!

Beautiful beach nearby






Tarantula in the hole!


Dec 9th: Took the bus from Kuching to the boat ramp near Bako National Park. This small peninsula is 1 and a half hours from Kuching and is home to seven distinct rainforest ecosystems, giving rise to a remarkable diversity of animal and plant life. Bako’s most famous residents are the bizarre proboscis monkeys and it is also home to the silvered langurs (leaf monkeys), long tailed macaque monkeys, bearded pigs, flying squirrels and monitor lizards, as well as many different bird species. Fascinating plant life includes the mangroves, strangling figs, carnivorous pitcher plants and symbiotic ant plants. Unique geological features mark the coastline, whilst well-marked trails lead to rugged jungle-covered hilltops and secluded beaches.

Once we arrived by bus to the boat jetty we enjoyed a 20 minute ride on wavy waters to arrive at beautiful Bako. Because it is later in the afternoon the tide is high and the sea is rough so needless to say we got a little wet and had a great adventure ride to the park. Seconds after disembarking from the boat, we witnessed many mudskippers bouncing on the water’s edge. A few hundred feet further, we found the famous proboscis monkeys! They’re our favorite thus far, their actions and gestures closely resemble humans, and their facial look and expressions are just fantastic. Quite the sight to see, large proboscis monkeys jumping from tree to tree.

We made our way to our extremely basic rooms (can't expect too much for $5cdn/night, per person in the middle of nowhere), and admired the wild bearded boars that surrounded our camp, then called it a night.

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