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The bus ride was quickly off to a horrible start. We were seated in the front row, right next to the driver and 2 helpers, who quickly light up a cigarette each (right next to the no smoking sign clearly posted above their heads). The smoke was intoxicating, as the bus is air conditioned and it was not possible to open any of the windows. As we started to feel nauseous from the smoke and jerky driving, we moved to the back of the bus, hoping to escape the chain smokers. This helped a little.

The rest of the bus ride consisted of a broken seat that would consistently recline (whether wanted or not), a pickup of huge packages of fruits and unknown items that were loaded on the bus (full of ants and bugs, blocking the way to the washroom), two flat tires, and 3 different stops for over an hour each to fix tires

The total trip time was 26 hours on bus.

Result: missed air Asia flight that was scheduled for 12:55pm, as we got to the Denpasar airport at 5:45pm. We had a total loss on tickets ($200), and had to buy tickets for flight to Singapore at 9:30pm with KLM ($340).

Flight to Singapore was awesome. We ended up getting a free hot meal, free selection of movies and a free alcoholic drink to accompany our fine supper. (actually it is included with your airfare price however we were not expecting anything so we were thrilled) Smooth flight, no delays and a nice touch down in Singapore.

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