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When we first opened the door this morning, the weather was overcast with very warm temperatures and high humidity.

That was no problem because we were only walking across the street to Bob & Janet’s. They had planned a “going away” breakfast for Trent & Teresa.

Bob & Janet had prepared a breakfast pizza with sausage and gravy, scrambled eggs, and cheese. They served home baked cinnamon rolls and orange juice with the pizza.

Marilyn took fruit cut up and mixed with pineapple yogurt.

Everything was delicious once again!

Man we have to stop eating like this!

As we began to eat breakfast we noticed a motor home pull in to the vacant site next to Bob & Janet.

I thought I recognized the RV and sure enough, it was Henry (Ed) and Pam, from Illinois.

We shook hands and said hello, then left them to get set up.

After breakfast and some visiting, Trent & Teresa were getting ready to leave, so Marilyn & I walked home.

Marilyn began a load of laundry and I placed a couple of phone calls.

Marilyn then walked across the street to say hello to Pam. Just after she left it began to rain and the wind picked up changing direction to come out of the north. The temperature cooled off some and I knew Marilyn might need a sweatshirt.

I closed the windows then grabbed a sweatshirt and ran across the street to take the warmer gear to Marilyn.

Pam answered the door and let me in out of the rain, but Marilyn had gone to Trent & Teresa’s site to say “So Long” to these good friends.

So, after visiting with Ed & Pam for a few minutes, I ran through the rain over to Trent & Teresa’s, carrying the sweatshirt for Marilyn.

Teresa let me in right away but Marilyn had said her goodbye and had gone home. Sigh….

I said my “So Longs” to Trent & Teresa, with hugs all around, and then ran back home.

Marilyn of course was already home and wondering where I was.

It was like a game of musical chairs in the wind and rain. LOL

I returned a missed call on my cell phone and spoke to our friend, Gilbert, in Canada. We sure miss Gilbert & Louise this year.

Ted & Sue arrived this afternoon and came over to our place at 5:00. We greeted them by exchanging hugs and gave them a tour of our new home.

Bob & Janet walked over to meet Ted & Sue and then we all drove to the “Olive Garden” restaurant for dinner.

Ed & Pam had left the resort before we did and they were seated at our table when we arrived. The food was quite good and we said our “Good Nights” as we left the restaurant.

Tomorrow we have nothing planned except to take it easy and just chill out!

It was sad to see Trent & Teresa leave today, but good to see Ted & Sue arrive.

Jesse & Ginger will be here on Tuesday and Heinz & Irene plan to arrive on the 23rd.

Life is Good!

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