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Thank you Trent & Teresa

What an awesome day we had today!

Before I begin telling you about that, I want to say “Thank You” to all of you who wrote on my FB page, sent e-mails, sent cards, or called to wish me a happy birthday.

Our day began early enough with Trent & Teresa, Bob & Janet, and Marilyn & I all piling into Bob & Janet’s truck and heading east to South Padre Island, for a day of fun in the sun.

We stopped at an attraction called “Bobz World” and went inside. The gals and Trent remained outside for a while taking pictures so Bob & I went inside for just a second, then came back out and announced to the rest of our gang that there was nothing interesting worth going inside for.

That was a vain attempt to get moving again as we were anxious to get to the Island and have lunch at “Dirty Al’s”.

The gals were too smart for us and they went inside, looked around for a minute or two and informed us that we could leave if we promised to stop again on the way home and allow the ladies time to shop.

We agreed and the truck soon headed on to Padre Island.

After a delicious lunch of Oysters, Shrimp, and Crab, we drove to the beach.

Once we found a fairly private place to park we set up the lawn chairs, lounge chairs, and small folding tables, then filled plastic glasses with ice cold beer and a slice of lime, and settled down to relax with the sun and surf.

How awesome can it get!

Wonderful warm weather, good friends, cold drinks, the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, and no pressing agenda.

Now that is the way to spend a winter day in the Rio Grande Valley!

Later in the afternoon, we reluctantly headed back to our resort, hoping that the ladies might have forgotten about shopping. LOL

That was not the case however and we stopped at Bobz World and allowed the ladies to shop while us guys opted for some delicious ice cream.

Shortly after starting for home, I played a little practical joke and the entire gang laughed for the next hour.

I won’t go into detail at this time but I will tell you about it when we see you in person, if you ask about it.

After we were back in our own little rolling condo, Trent & Teresa, along with Bob & Janet, knocked on our door.

They had wine and a delicious cheesecake that Teresa had fixed for my birthday.

We shared the wine and cheesecake, along with more conversation, hugs, and laughter.

As I wrote at the beginning, this has been an awesome day!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives!

Life is Good!

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