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Megan (one of Brenda's daughters) and the presents

Megan opening her gift ... a tablet

Brenda loves her gift - golf clubs

Charlie says "This box fits me just fine!"

Tasha and her Christmas present - an Angry Birds toy

Waiting for Christmas dinner

The Chef hard at work (while the sous-chef watches)

Almost ready!

And we shall sit and enjoy a very good dinner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,...












I ran down the street to a geocache because I wanted to leave off a travel bug so he could continue his journey to the coast of California. When I was leaving the hiding spot, some fellows were unloading remote control jeeps from their truck. I stayed to watch them run them up and down and all around the desert for a bit then went back to the campground. We finally left around 11:15 for the last, short 123-mile leg of our journey to Las Vegas where we plan on spending the next 2 months….or so. As we got closer to Las Vegas, it sort of felt like coming home…at least a little bit. It’s neat when you return to somewhere where you were before because you begin to recognize some landmarks and the scenery. I like that feeling. And I do so love these desert mountains, the very bareness of them, where you can see the sun playing hide and seek with the shadows that add such neat dimensions to the whole thing.

Anyway, pulled into the Hitchin’ Post RV Park at 1:30. The lady at the desk sandwiched us between two other RVs and I don’t like it as much as last year. It seems the lot is smaller. Of course, we could be spoiled from the huge lots we’ve had the last couple of stops along the way.


Didn’t do too much today except get settled in a bit more. I called the woman's doc Brenda had found and made an appointment for 1/16/2012 to go over the upper and lower body problems. Hope they both turn out to be nothing.

Bob has been having trouble getting on the internet here at the house so he went down to the laundry to use the public one down there. They advertise wifi but it’s not very dependable. I think they need some repeaters or whatever they’re called throughout the park. Had a nice visit with Bunk & Brenda when they stopped by on their way home from work.


Went to the kids’ house this evening for supper. Afterward we played golf on the Wii. Not a lot else that I can remember.


Last minute Christmas shopping; Walmart was PACKED; stopped back at house for the bean soup Bob had made and took that to B&B’s. Stopped at Subway to get sandwiches to take along but they had closed 5 minutes before we got there so Bob made ham sandwiches and soup. Played 5 holes of golf on the Wii then home ‘cause Bunk has to get up early to start the 30-lb turkey they’ve planned for Christmas dinner...and besides, for some reason, we were all tired. Just the typical rushin’-around-before-Christmas tired, I guess. Uh, how in the world does a 30-lb turkey even walk??


Bob and I exchanged gifts then over to B&B’s around noon. Exchanged gifts there, too. One of their presents for us was the payment of 1-month rent here at the park! When you’re budget is a little tight, this makes a really nice gift! So, we should be here ‘til the middle of March at least….or maybe a bit longer. Brenda bought Bunk an Audi Q7. Won’t be here ‘til February. The wait would drive me up a wall! Megan, one of Brenda’s daughters had to be at work at 5:00 so we ate a HUGE delicious dinner around 3:00. I am so stuffed! Watched The Christmas Story and then had razzleberry pie for desert.


Today was a sit-around-and-recuperate-from-all-that-food day. This evening, Bob and I drove down to the Glittering Lights display at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was absolutely fantastic. There were over 400 displays put on by about 45 local businesses with more than 1 million LED lights along the 2.5-mile drive through course! A couple of times we drove under the stands and that was really neat…sort of like driving through a very colorful cave. Then there was one display near the end of the course that formed a tunnel of lights flashing in various sequences. I think that might have driven some people crazy ‘cause it sure was psychedelic!! Very nice display of Christmas lights indeed.


Bunk and I have been spending the week geocaching. Poor Brenda had to work. The weather has been in the high 50’s, low 60’s during the day and down to the 40’s at night so it’s been very enjoyable. We are loving our new heater but it will be interesting to see what our electric bill is at the end of the month. When you’re at a campground on a daily basis, you usually don’t pay electric but if you’re there for a week or a month, you are responsible for that bill.

Bob and I were going to go down to the city (about 5 miles from here) to celebrate New Year’s Eve but after hearing they’re expecting to pack in around 314,000 visitors, we decided we’d stay home and watch the festivities on TV then, around 11:45, we’ll drive to the park across the street and watch the casino fireworks from there. There’s been an advisory on TV the last couple of days for young children, seniors and those with respiratory diseases regarding the smoke from all the fireworks. There isn’t a lot of air movement in the Las Vegas Valley and there have been days when we couldn’t even see Mt. Charleston because of the smog so when you add the fireworks smoke to that, with the air inversion, there’s going to be a couple of “bad breathing” days around in the beginning of 2012.

Once the air clears a bit, Bob and I are going to hop a bus and go visiting around downtown. We figure if we spread it out over a week or two, we’ll be able to see a lot of stuff we missed last winter.

By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May everyone's 2012 bring them happiness, at least steady wealth, better health, friends, family, and good will.

You can click on this link to follow our travels in 2012.

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