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We had plans to make another visit to Mexico today. Considering the day that Bob & Janet had yesterday it would not have surprised me if they begged off and just slept in this morning.

Also, the kids, Trent & Teresa, like to sleep late anyway, so when I went outdoors about 30 minutes before our scheduled departure time and saw all of their doors closed, my thought was that the trip to Mexico might happen on another day.

I tapped very lightly on Bob & Janet’s RV and was surprised when Bob immediately opened the door. Then Janet appeared and they were all spruced up and ready to go.

Trent & Teresa appeared about that time. They were also bright eyed and bushy tailed so we were off, all riding in Bob’s truck.

We walked south to Rene’s Bakery where we listened to the Mariachi music and enjoyed a large breakfast.

Some shopping followed that and when we came back into the USA most of us were carrying some purchases.

Back at the RV I began marinating the Shrimp and Portobello mushrooms, to put on the grill as an appetizer.

I then made patties out of the ground sirloin, and put them on a tray covered with foil.

Hamburgers are the main course today.

Marilyn fixed baked beans while Teresa brought a yummy pasta salad.

With the chairs, tables and grill all set up, we were ready for company!

The gang began to gather around 2:00 in the afternoon and the conversation, laughter and fun began.

Everyone enjoyed the appetizers and there was not a scrap to be found when we were finished with them.

Next, I put the burgers on the grill and the aroma made our mouths water. The spices, onions, and jalapeno peppers made a great combination and the hamburgers also were delicious. All of the side dishes and condiments were super and everyone ate their fill.

I just don’t understand why my clothing continues to shrink.

It must be the water!

We are inside the RV now, everything has been cleaned up and put away, and it is time to relax.

This sure is a wonderful way to live!

Life is Good!

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