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Christmas Decorations Trailer

Mattie and Meg

Diane and Bob at Rose Parade Float

Framers Insurance Float

Flower Barn

Glueing silver leaves on Rose Parade Float

Owen Christmas

Violet Christmas morning

Vi Vi cooking up a storm

We arrived in Orange CA on the 15th and then it's been a blur of fun since then. Two trips to Legoland with the grandchildren one with Mattie and Meg, Violet, Owen and Keith and then again yesterday with Lo, Keith, Owen and Violet. We spent a day decorating the Farmer's Insurance Rose Parade Float at the Rose Palace in Pasadena, CA. Lots of tedious pasting and gluing. We can appreciate the amount of work that goes into the floats in the parade. We had a great time "Thanks" to Diane's longtime friend Maryjane Thompson for inviting us with her church group to decorate. It is a once in a lifetime adventure plus the float team invited us back to help.... Christmas was divided as Meg and Mattie stayed in our camper for a week then flew back to Kensington ( San Francisco) area for Christmas. So they exchanged gifts on Friday with Owen and Violet. Christmas morning was fun with a delicious breakfast and then the gift opening. Violet had a great time cooking us meals on her pretend stove. Owen was putting Lego sets together. We got an Apple TV from Keith and LO and it is really neat after we hooked it up it accesses our MacBook, iPad and iphone to play on our Tv system in the camper. We also developed a leak in the camper so I have to take it to a dealer on the 4th of next year for warranty work.

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