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Lazy morning this morning.  Buffet breakfast in the hotel - combination of continental, traditional British minus the meat, and various curry dishes.  Bit weird having curry for breakfast followed by fruit and pain au chocolat but best get used to it!

After breakfast went to the gym for an hour - might just have burnt off the Christmas party alcohol now!!!  Having not been in a gym for over a year, the Nordic walking has obviously been helping - managed to run for 15 mins quite easily which for me is a minor miracle!  Quick dip in the pool then we got a tuk tuk over to a shopping strip in Ernakulum.  Quite a hair raising trip, and very bumpy roads - wish I'd kept the sports bra on!  Imagine a dual carriageway ie two lanes but traffic goes wherever so sometimes 2 lanes then 4 then a motorbike squeezes in, then we do in a tuk tuk.  And we even saw an elephant on the opposite carriageway!

Was 31 degrees today, a bit overcast which was probably good as I forgot to put suntan lotion on!  We were in a non touristy area so very traditional shops and stalls- lots of silk/saris shops and gold.  Did a lot of waving to the little kids as they stared at us, then giggled when we waved!

Lunch was in fast food cafe.  We had a dosa - large pancake style wrap filled with potato, served on a metal tray with three different types of curry in the small dishes built into the tray.  We obviously looked like we didnt know how to eat it as we got a spoon and fork, but others around us didn't and just used their right hand (not left as that is deemed to be dirty).  Freshly squeezed orange juice took the edge off the spiciness.  All this for - £1.70 in total!

More wandering round the shopping area then alongside the river - which really hums!  Tuk tuk back to the hotel for an afternoon siesta.

Oops siesta was a bit long!  Woke up at 7pm so decided to have dinner in the hotel - pizza rather than Indian buffet.  Followed up by pool in the dry sports bar - mint cappuccino instead.  At least I won one game out of 6 - pure fluke I think. Just back in the room and televised Indian parliament are still debating a bill on corruption - they have been doing this for at least 12 hours!

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