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We sipped our coffee while talking about the things we wanted to do today.

We have plans for the next few days and some of those plans required us to get a few other things accomplished, so today was the day.

Marilyn began a load of laundry while I took the trash out and then returned to make the bed and clean the bedroom.

We then drove to Walmart to pick up groceries and a few other items, like a new bicycle seat for Marilyn’s bike.

We have a bike ride at Rio Bentsen State Park planned for tomorrow and she doesn’t want to sit on that “Axe Handle” seat that came on the bike when we purchased it.

I don’t blame her! In fact I bought a different seat for my bike before we ever brought them home.

We returned to the RV and unloaded groceries. Then, while Marilyn put the groceries away, I called Mass Mutual where we have one of our investments, to give them instructions for direct deposit of the RMD funds. RMD is Required Minimum Distribution. The Government requires us to take some money out of our funds each year and if we fail to do that, the government takes about 50% of the required amount. I don’t understand that but in any case we had to withdraw some funds before the end of the year.

Once the phone business was complete, I took off again to take my new cowboy boots to the repair shop to have them stretched just a bit, to make them more comfortable. Cost $10.00.

Our poor old truck has been so dirty and the rain has made it impractical to wash it, so today was the day.

With the temperature in the 70’s, clear sky and bright sunshine, it was time to get the truck detailed. It took some time for the wash and waxing but it now looks as if it just rolled off the showroom floor.

In fact I went back outdoors to take a few pictures to post for you tonight. I am proud of the way the truck looks, and now I won’t feel bad driving it over to the airport to pick up Bob & Janet on Thursday.

After relaxing for a bit, it was time to go outdoors to install the new seat on Marilyn’s bike.

With that little chore finished, we sat outdoors in our lounge chairs, reading our books.

Teresa walked over to invite us over for happy hour so we enjoyed time with these two good friends until the sun sank behind the palm trees and the temperature cooled a bit.

Marilyn fixed a nice salad for dinner and we are relaxing with a movie on TV.

We have an adventure planned for tomorrow, so check in again tomorrow evening to see what our friends and us have been up to.

Remember, Life is Good!

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