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Cross the gulfstream at sunrise from Key Biscayne to Bimini

Guy Harvey Bimini Big Game Club - Two 1,000# Marlins

Marlin Info

INTERLUDE and MOXIE at the dock at the Sea Crest Marina Bimini

Can't help it. I HAVE to take pictures of pelicans!

Tom on North Bimini Beach

Tom and wreck on North Bimini

Longing to be back at sea.

Large container ship and Cathie

Hi All!

We made it to Bimini safe and sound. They changed the entry into Bimini so it was a little tricky since they didn't put up any markers to show you how to get in but luckily the water is clear and you could see the deeper water with some effort!

I love Bimini's water. When the sun is up it has layers of indigo, periwinkle blue, aqua, green, etc. I never get tired seeing it!

We had Christmas Day in Bimini. Donna and the MOXIE crew had us over for Christmas Dinner. It was truly wonderful and sharing Christmas with friends made being away from family a little easier to do. Thank you Moxie!

We will be heading to Chubb Cay tomorrow morning early.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for stopping by!

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE. OUT.

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