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What is with this weather anyway? It is wet, windy and cool outdoors again today.

Well, no matter because inside it is warm as toast and a football game is on TV. Marilyn has a pot of chili soup on the stove and the RV smells great!

She also made a batch of what she calls “peanut butter goodies”.

Those things are soooo good!

I helped a bit but she did most of the work. I promise to do my share when it comes time to eat them. LOL

This morning I downloaded an e-book into my Kindle Reader. The book is “Big Lake” written by one of our full-time RV friends, Nick Russell.

I would suggest that you check it out on Amazon.com.

Later this morning, as Marilyn began to gather the ingredients for her chili soup, she discovered that we were out of chili powder.

I had to go to the store! Oh NO!

I braved it, knowing that the crowds on Christmas eve would not be to my liking. I walked across the street to see if Trent & Teresa needed anything, but they were still in their PJ’s and had everything they needed until after the holidays. Smart people!

I drove to Walmart but when I turned in I could see that I would have to park near a fried chicken place far away from the entrance to Walmart.

That’s it! I turned around at the filling station and went back out on the road, drove the short distance to the HEB store and again parked far from the entrance.

Inside the HEB it was the same story as what I expected at Walmart. All checkouts were busy with people lined up six to ten deep.

What did I do to deserve this?

I picked up the chili powder, some milk and for good measure, some vanilla bean ice cream. Comfort food!

Later, back at the RV, Marilyn informed me that I had missed a call from Jennifer and I hated that, but I spoke to her later, once the little ones were awake from their nap.

I sneaked a bowl of the chili soup while watching the football game, and followed that with a dish of ice cream.

In the evening, we attended Mass at the Basilica and then returned to our RV with Trent & Teresa, to share some soup and visit.

It has been a good day, but we miss our kids and grandkids for sure. We are thankful for friends like Trent & Teresa who helped make it a nice Christmas eve.

Next year we plan to spend the holiday with the family back in Missouri.

Life is Good!

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