We left Fort Stockton behind us at about 7:30 a.m. this morning headed east on I-10 toward San Antonio, but we passed right by that city and aimed for this nice little Thousand Trails preserve Colorado River, near Columbus, TX. It's just off I-10 roughly 100 east of San Antonio. Total Miles today was 431. We like this preserve and we like the area. Now the name of the river which passes right through the preserve is NOT the big Colorado River of Grand Canyon fame, this river runs through Colorado county and heads toward the Gulf of Mexico just below Houston. Though this is a large river is nowhere as large as the other of the same name. History buffs will recognize this river as the one, next to which Stephen Austin camped whilst chasing the Mexican Army before catching up to them at San Felipe on the Brazos River, also not far from here. In fact, the two armies were camped across from each other just down stream from where we are parked!

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