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We awoke early and then promptly fell back to sleep. We finally awoke after 7:00 and were ready for coffee.

I asked Marilyn if she would like to have our coffee outdoors but she declined because of a 55 degree temperature outside.

I agreed with her and admitted to myself that my invitation was no more than a macho pretense. LOL

We finished off a pot of coffee and then busied ourselves with a few chores.

Marilyn did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and living room.

I made the bed and then sat with our DVD movie collection, trying to sort them into several albums.

USA purchased DVD’s in one album and the ones purchased in Mexico in another.

Those album cases each hold 104 DVD’s so it is easy to see what we have.

I also put all of the kid’s DVDs in one place, and put the westerns in one group. (I like western movies)

One more thing related to our DVD collection is that I store all of our movies in those albums and discard the holders. That saves a lot of space for sure.

Marilyn walked over to Trent & Teresa’s site to check with Teresa about some shopping plans they made yesterday.

They decided not to go anywhere but instead to just have a day of relaxation.

Since I was already in the mood to cook dinner, I offered to fix lunch of mashed potatoes, chicken and noodles.

It took me until 1:00 PM but it was really good! Yummy!

We spent much of the afternoon relaxing in our recliners with the laptop computers.

Jennifer called several times and we visited with the grandkids, too. That was a pleasure!

This has been one of the “laziest” days we have had in a long time.

Life is Good!

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