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Inside the Bakery


Ed & A Cup of Coffee


Trent & Teresa

Cowboy Santa Hat

At the Salon



Paula working on Marilyn


Teresa's Toes

Marilyn's Christmas Nails

Street Scene







We enjoyed another wonderful day today. It was made more fun because we spent the day in the company of our friends, Trent & Teresa.

While these good friends had been to Mexico with us once before, we wanted to show them a couple of new experiences.

First we had a few chores to do.

I put our trash out and made the bed while Marilyn washed dishes. I dried the dishes for her and we were soon ready to go to Mexico.

Trent put their trash out for pickup, along with Bob & Janet’s.

They then walked across the street to ride with us.

We were on our way but needed to make one stop before crossing the border.

We went to the post office in Progreso to mail packages to Colby & Lauren, and also one to my sister, Pat, who lives in Maryland.

With that chore complete, we continued south for a mile or so, to the border with Mexico.

We dropped our quarters into the slot and walked through the turnstiles, then across the bridge to Nuevo Progreso, where we continued on south to Rene’s Bakery.

Trent & Teresa had not been here before and they enjoyed themselves immensely with the sweet cinnamon rolls, hot coffee and lively mariachi music.

That is a great way to begin the day!

We lingered after our breakfast was gone, listening to the toe tapping music, until the musicians took a break, then left to continue south down the crowded sidewalks toward Dania’s Salon.

The gals and Trent were getting nail work done. Marilyn had a manicure while both Trent & Teresa opted for the pedicure.

This was a first ever for Trent but he seemed to enjoy it a lot.

I teased Trent that he should get one toe-nail painted red and another painted green to celebrate the holidays. He laughed and declined to have any polish what-so-ever on his toes, so he was finished before either of the ladies.

Trent and I walked across the street to the Red Snapper, selected a table, and ordered a margarita.

It wasn’t long before the two gals joined us.

They also ordered a cold drink and we sat together talking and laughing, basking in the company of good friends, while listening to the good music from the talented singer / guitar player who was performing for everyone’s enjoyment.

We enjoyed another fine meal and once again lingered after the meal was polished off, just enjoying the day.

After a bit of shopping along the way back to the border, we crossed back into the USA and drove home to our resort.

The sky is overcast today but it is warm enough to have our windows open and to enjoy the light breeze wafting through the RV.

It has been a great day!

We missed our friends, Bob & Janet, but we know they are happy being with their kids and grandkids for a few days.

So another fine day fades into the memory bank.

We are sure that many more fun times are ahead of us.

Life is Good!

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