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Wow! It's been cold the last few days and nights, but as is with the weather in New England, it's supposed to warm up to around 50 in a few days. We'll take that, as we're tired of being cooped up in the house. We do get out for our daily walk (and Mike is more willing to walk farther lately), but I'd rather be walking in a tee shirt and capris!

We took Mike's Mom (Justine) and Aunt (Jean) out for dinner yesterday to celebrate Justine's 89th birthday. Had a nice time. I think that I have everything--notes, etc.--ready so that I can feel that Melissa and Joan have all the information that they need to watch over the J's (Justine and Jean) while we're gone.

Took Mr. Stripes to the vet this morning to have one of his dew claws cut. It was curling down and hitting the pad near that claw. Although it didn't seem to bother Mr. Stripes, I didn't want a problem to come up while he is staying with Joan. Dr. Frieda fixed him right up, and he even rode in his Pet Taxi with no incidents--smelly ones--while in transport. Wonder if he'd be that good if we tried to take him to FL with us?

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