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Guides Playing Music on the Boat

Niho Riding a Shark

Sting Ray

View of Bora Bora from the Boat


Clown Fish

Niho Blowing an Air Ring

I woke up early this morning and got some pictures of the sunrise over the lagoon and Taha'a in the distance. After breakfast, we were picked up at the resort pier by Steven, Niho, and others for the Eco Tour 1/2 day package, which included shark and ray feeding. Steven greeted us at the pier and we joined the boat with two other couples. We circled the island counterclockwise while Steven made jokes and told us about the history of Bora Bora. He pointed out the WWII cannons, which we would be visiting the following day. Then he and the others starting playing music until we got out to near Motu Tapu and the sharks and fish came out quickly. Niho chummed the water and we got in. The sharks and fish swam all around us, as Niho swam down and grabbed the shark fins and let them pull him around underwater. I thought he must be part fish because he could stay underwater so long. Before we got out, he dropped his fins down, casually swam to the bottom and put his fins back on before swimming back up! All the while, Steven "Spielberg" had his underwater camera, filming us. We boarded the boat and headed to the next destination - shallower water where we were greeted by beautiful, affectionate sting rays. Everyone got to kiss a ray and the men got to hold them as well. Niho even gave the ray a French kiss! Next, we headed to the coral garden near Motu Toopua. Here I got a piece of dead fish to feed the butterfly fish and others. It was a feeding frenzy! Steven also got a moral eel to come out and a smaller fish was cleaning his gills. We swam to the other side of the boat and free dove down a bit to see anemones and clownfish. Niho swam to the bottom, laid down, and blew air rings up towards the surface. Then back to the boat and to our hotel. We bought the DVD of our adventure, probably the most expensive DVD I'll ever buy, but worth it for capturing our great time.

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