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Sofitel Beach

Sofitel Waterfall

Moorea from Dive Boat

Sofitel Ia Ora

Pond at Sofitel


Toatea Overlook

Moorea Sunset

On Saturday, we woke up excited for our first real dive since becoming certified over the summer. After a yummy breakfast with delicious fresh tropical fruit, we got our stuff and went to the Ia Ora Dive Center at our hotel. The boat went out through the Vaiare Pass just past the lagoon and we dove into the water. We saw reef sharks even before getting in the water. At about 60 feet, we also saw Lemon Sharks as well as wrasses, angel fish, and every possible color of tropical fish. Towards the end, I was running low on air, so the dive leader let me breathe off his tank. Attached to me, he pulled up a rock and out came a Moray Eel! We headed back up and back to land, excited from our first real dive. It was great! We had a drink at the bar then decided to snorkel a bit. Our bungalow led right out to the beach and going north just a bit past the hotel property, we came to fabulous coral reefs in just a few feet of water at the public beach (Temae Beach). We saw anemones, flute fish, wrasse, clownfish and even an octopus. All just a few feet from our room. After a while, we headed back to the bungalow to relax after an exciting day in the sea. Before dinner, we headed up to the Toatea Overlook for a couple pictures then back to the resort for dinner.

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