Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Can I help drive?

All right then, I'll just keep an eye out for big trucks!

The Ti at Little Vineyard RV Park

Rains don't drain very well here. This whole area was flooded earlier.

One BIG bird bath!

The last RV surrounded by water.


Stopped for gas before we left the campground today…$4.29 a gallon!! Wow! One would think it would be less expensive here in the west since the oil wells are all over the place. Oh well, guess not.

We waited until around 11:00 to leave because the fog was very thick (less than 500’ visibility according to the weather) and I don’t “do” fog...or rain or wind. Fair weather driver, I guess I am.

The kids were a bit restless today for some reason (I don’t think they like driving every day) so we stopped at a rest area along the way to let them take a bit of a walk. Then onward we went, passing some cattle ranches but mostly just open land until we got to El Paso and then, on the western side of town, there were huge feedlots full of dairy cows. We also came to Exit 0, something I’ve never seen before.

WELCOME TO NEW MEXICO: 1:28. Mountain Time begins somewhere around El Paso so I don’t know if that 1:28 is Central or Mountain time.

Saw many pecan farms and lots of bales of cotton sitting in the fields under their colorful covers. Not as many oil fields out this way but still a pump here and there. We passed a giant roadrunner statue on a hill on the eastbound side of the highway but the camera had died (battery ran out) so we couldn’t get a picture of it. Went through the areas where you are warned “Caution – Dust Storms” but we didn’t see any, thankfully. Didn’t get stopped at the border patrol place either. In fact, other than the fact the day was gray, it was a pretty easy drive.

Pulled into the Little Vineyard RV Park around 2:45 MT. Total mileage today was 291. It started to drizzle just as we were setting up but we got done before it really rained. Bob disappeared for a several hours after dinner so the animals and I had a nice quiet evening. When he came back, he said he went down to the game room to watch a movie.


It rained all night and this morning the campground looked like a great big swimming pool! The deepest water is only about 2” but it is all over the place. I guess the ground isn’t very porous out here…at least not at this campground.

I’m not sure where we’ll be stopping tomorrow night. Guess I’d best get on the ball and check it out.

Oh, today is rainy then sunny then grey. Crazy weather we’ve been having lately. I think God is very angry with us!

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