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Mayan Hut

Inside the Hut

We are staying at a place called the Pickled Onion which is a recreation of a Mayan village. Our room is a cute little Mayan hut. Inside the hut is a four-poster bed with curtains and a tiny table and chairs. The toilet and shower are behind a wall at the other end of the oval shaped hut.

The bed has a curtain around it that can be closed at night to keep out mosquitoes. It reminds me of the beds seen in movies of the Roman Empire or the one that Cleopatra slept in. The bed pretty well takes up most of the space in the one-room hut.

There are five huts with a sixth one under construction. Great restaurant here. The best one of the trip so far. We have stayed in a couple of towns that did not have a decent restaurant.

No interent here. I will update things when I can.

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