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hello Families and Friends:

We are back onboard "Sweet Surrender"

We flew to Ontario for 5 weeks,so we were busy with family.

I gave my parents(Essie and Larry) an unexpected surprise just showing up like I like.

Also while I was home,I gave my parents a kitchen makeover,with my Sister Bevs help,we worked together alot of the time and came up with nice ideas.Which we implemented.

We now are working on the boat,putting everything back together after we hired a local workman do re-finish and varnish all interior wood.(Amazing job!!!)

John has been working on the boats steering,we have none!Actually he has fixed steering now,we just have no autopilot!!

Our 40 gallon drum of foods and supplies has arrived by cargoship,now for the fun part,picking it up(300lbs)delivering it to the boat by dinghy,of course making several trips.

So we are outta this spectacular marina on wednesday,heading only 8nm to Rodney Bay. (north end of the island)

St.Lucia is 27 miles long,and we know the island well now.

The ARC (all round the world)cruising boats have started to arrive,after them leaving here 16 months ago,so this is where you can start and finish,all total 250 boats this year.Safety in numbers,plus the social part of it,and you are surrounded with knowledgeable sailors.

We are unsure of our plans.but will keep you informed as we go!

Ta Ta for now,oh yeah,i love hearing from you and what ur all doing!!!

Drop an email!

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