Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Lots of oil storage tanks

Fina refinery

A large oil drilling rig

Lots of steaks on the hoof!

Our campsite at Saddleback RV Park

Butterflies and birds

A nice little walking trail although not in bloom in December

A western cactus garden


Another grey, cloudy day when we left at 11:00 a.m. Big Spring and it didn’t get any better the whole drive west on I-20 but it sure got foggier along the way, lowering visibility to less than a mile. Luckily, traffic was very light and the only thing we really missed were the large vistas in the distance as we passed by a lot of the oil fields. Somewhere along the way, though (I think it was in the Midland/Odessa area, the fog magically lifted and opened up views of miles and miles of what I call “dippy duck” oil pumps, moving slowly up and down, bringing their liquid prize to the pipeline. Some were on the small size while others were quite large.

Played "tag" with the train tracks the whole way down. Sometimes they'd be on the right, next on the left (and I don't remember crossing over them via a bridge!). I think I have a crush on train tracks.

We also passed signs regarding the University of Texas Permian Basin. Here's a bit of a geology lesson for today.

Further along, we passed several large Black Angus herds, some cropland, and some just plain desert. On the drive south on SR17 from I-20 to I-10, we passed some pipes sticking maybe 15' out of the ground with flames coming from the top. Bob said they could have been burning off the gas that sometimes accompanies the oil or they could have been used to relieve excess pressure in the gas line.

Pulled into the Saddleback Mountain RV Park where we've stayed before and although it doesn't have cable (nor can we get any TV via the antenna), it is a nice, desert campground. We'll stay here for one night and then move on to Deming, New Mexico for probably 2 days.

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