Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Back in the land of oil wells

The Ti at another Texas rest area

You can tell which way the prevailing winds blow here!

Decorated walls at the rest area

Are we there yet?

Good food at Furr's Family Restaurant


Grey, cloudy day when we left at 11:00 a.m. for Big Spring Texas and it didn’t get any better the whole 4 3/4 hours of the drive west on I-20. The green of the south central states is giving way to the brown of Texas and the western states. Passed a lot of big cattle ranches (cattle still look pretty good); through Abilene with no problems; and on to Big Spring. The Whip In RV Park is right off the exit which is quite convenient. It’s a bit crowded in here with a few overnighters but a lot of oil field workers living here fulltime.

Bob and I went out to get diesel this evening and stopped at Furr’s Family Restaurant for dinner. It was buffet style and very good with a lot of choices. We’re practicing for when we get to Las Vegas and their huge buffets.

On the way to the restaurant, we passed a HUGE oil refinery along I-20. There are lights everywhere on the stacks, towers, walkways, etc. It was fantastic. Wonder what they're electric bill is each month.

There are also Christmas decorations that are so pretty at night. The most impressive ones we saw were big poinsettias of red and green Christmas lights. I've never seen those before. Very pretty.

Tried our new heater out tonight and oh, it QUIETLY keeps the house so nice and toasty.

We had originally planned on staying here for 2 nights so we could do some exploring around town but since Christmas is only 15 days away, we’ve got to keep moving so we’re in Las Vegas when Santa makes his trip.

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