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Hola Everyone,

As the title reads...boredom is starting to set in,...and the holiday blues are to. I have a few more days here, but in all actuality, I'm ready to go now. There is nothing else that I want to do, or to see. I am scheduled to take a short boat tour today, but I think I am going to cancel that. I don't feel like being too tourist like today. I hung around the resort yesterday, probably will be more of the same thing today. Tomorrow I am scheduled to go to Isla Majueres with the owner of the spot that I am renting. She is flying in today. On a different note, I am a bit disappointed that they do not sell postage stamps here, and no one seems to know where exactly I can purchase them..other than the post office, which is downtown. I'm told that downtown is not the place that a tourist wants to go. On yet a different note, right now there are dark clouds looming, and there is no sun. Maybe it will make it's way out today...maybe not. As the "all inclusive" that I purchased yesterday is good until noon today, I'll have breakfast downstairs.

I now see that 4-5 days in one area is sufficient for me, otherwise I start to get bored. I didn't get bored on my previous trips because I would be in one country 4-5 days and then I would go to another. Though more intense, psychologically, visiting multiple areas works better for me. This is another reason that I don't like traveling with moods change, and when traveling with someone, this could not be such a good thing, but when you're alone,... you don't have to worry about anyone else. Stay tuned for more entries and pics.

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