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Who is this stranger in my house?

Well, I guess he's okay.

Roadway is a little narrow here.

More logging trucks on this leg, too.

These are our "driving cookies".

At a Texas rest area

Guard cat

Nice Texas ranch

Trailers full of trailers

A view of Dallas TX

Reunion Tower

A neat bridge

One of the many highway wall decorations

Coming into Ft. Worth

That's a Texas Longhorn!!

Part of Ft. Worth skyline

Another view

Seen at the Discount Tire store



A Tree Lion (as opposed to a mountain lion)!

What is THAT? My tail is bushy so I'm being brave.

Oh, it's a horse. What's a horse? I've never seen one.

Appaloosas can be quite stylish.

Christmas lights.

A couple of jokes to leave you with.

Another joke.


Left Texarkana today at 10:45 under sunny, bright skies. We have fewer stowaways now due to diligent spraying. There are a few moving here and there but we’re getting the upper hand.

Pulled into the Hooves n Wheels RV Park in Weatherford at 3:00. Weatherford is about 33 miles west of Ft. Worth and is really a nice sized town. Nice park with small pipe corrals and a stable for people traveling with horses.


Bob took the spare wheel off the trailer then he and I went into town to search for the Discount Tire store to get 2 new tires…one for the trailer and one for a spare. Well, on the way there, I saw a Tractor Supply store so we stopped in there to look at the portable heaters. They told us that the heater company representatives would be in on Saturday to demonstrate the heaters and they would be able to answer any questions we had. We will come back tomorrow.

Now, on to Discount Tire where I told them I had bought the shredded tire in July and only had less than 9,000 miles on it so they gave me an 80% discount on one new tire. So, all total, 2 new tires and a lifetime warrantee, plus 6 new lug nuts cost less than I had originally allotted for just the 2 tires. Good deal.

Back at Hooves n Wheels, we took Nellie and Taco for a walk to see the horses. Nellie was hilarious when she saw her first horse!! Boy, her tail bushed up and her back arched up and she just stared. I couldn't get her to walk any closer than 30' or so and it was hard to get her to walk away 'cause she kept looking back to see if the "monster" was following her. Taco paid absolutely no attention to them since he was used to them at our farm in the Poconos.


Bob and I off early to Tractor Supply where we got the heater. Hopefully this will keep us from going through propane so quickly plus it's a lot quieter. One of the problems with the propane heater is that it doesn't come on until it's about 3 degrees below the set temp (so you're chilly) and then runs until it shuts off when it's 3 degrees above the set temp (so you're too warm). The new electric heater says it keeps the temps within 1 degree of the set temp. We shall see. Then back to the park to pack up, hitch up, and get on our way to our next stop in Big Spring, Texas.

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