Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Welcome to Arkansas

Fish feeders at the catfish ponds

Long straight road and tall straight pines

Dollar General Stores are everywhere!

Bob's grandson goes to Bucknell

A geocache was hidden here

We didn't do that!!!

The Ace of Clubs house/museum

The house is shaped like a club

Bob took the tour

Our campsite at Shady Pines

Bob doing his "before we leave" checks

THIS is what I'd REALLY like to pull with!!


Quick, gotta’ go; it’s not raining today!! Off by 10:10 a.m. and traveled the red roads to Texarkana, Texas, our next stop on our journey west. It was an easy drive along U.S. 82 in Arkansas, where we passed lots and lots of fish farms and cotton fields. Bob wanted to stop each hour to check and see how the spare tire was doing since it’s at least 7 years old which is rather old for an RV tire. That helped break up the trip a bit although I think we only stopped 3 times. The further west we got, the more logging trucks we saw. Hey, we even passed a pasture with camels, goats, horses, and some longhorn steers in it!! The things you see in Arkansas. Oh, and we also had some stowaways with us today...those little tiny Arkansas ants! Millions of them! My cleaning solution of ammonia and water seems to stop them in their tracks, though. Thankfully, they seem to be staying in just the kitchen area of the RV for now. We just spray and spray. We shall overcome!

Pulled into the Shady Pines RV Park in Texarkana around 3:00 for a total mileage of 252.5 miles. This is a nice park with cement pads…and it’s right next to the RV shop where we want to get some work done on the trailer. I’d also like to get 2 new tires but evidently no one sells what I need around here. Tonight I’m trying to decide whether to wait until Friday when the one supplier said he can get some in or move on to Dallas on Thursday and get the tires there. I’d feel better traveling on 10-ply tires but we’re supposed to be in Las Vegas for Christmas and we’ve still got Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and part of Nevada to go through before we get there. Time is pressing on.

Oh, as I sat at my computer this afternoon, I glanced out the window and it was snowing!! How neat is that?? (I can say that ‘cause I know we’re going to be spending the winter in a snow-less area).


Took the trailer to the shop this morning so they could fix the leaky toilet valve, fill the propane tanks and install a new sewer line valve. While they were working there, we (Bob, Sam, Taco, Nellie and I) drove into Texarkana where we dropped Bob at the Ace of Clubs House. It was a bit chilly outside and we knew we couldn’t leave the animals alone in the truck while we both toured this beautiful structure so, since Bob’s more into history than I am, he took the tour and we stayed in the truck. Actually, I got out the one time to grab a geocache on the other side of the museum.

Picked up the trailer 15 minutes before they closed and back to the RV park for another night. We’ll be leaving tomorrow for Weatherford. Texas, just west of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

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