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Now that we are somewhat settled in here at Mesa, I thought I would share some information on our travels this year. Art keeps track of lot of information but I’ll just share some of the highlights with you.

We began our trip from Benson, Arizona on March 10 and ended here at Mesa, Arizona on November 28th. That’s a total of 262 days. When towing, we averaged about 150 miles per day with our shortest drive being 14 miles.

We logged a total of 10,651 miles on the truck but only 5,476 miles towing the trailer.

We visited 13 states: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado and Arizona. We passed through Wyoming and Minnesota for overnighters.

Our stays were primarily a mixture of private RV parks and state/county parks and included

• 22 nights at various Elks Lodges

• Workamping in South Dakota for 62 nights

• 8 nights Dry camped while in route to a destination parking lots such as Wal-Mart, Cabalas and casinos

• 22 nights at the Escapees park in Heiskell, Tn.

If you’ll recall, I did a lot of whining on this trip. I whined a lot about the horrible weather (tornados, hail storms, rain, and wind), about being east of the Mississippi, about the traffic and the roads….whine, whine, whine. However, I must admit, we did see a wide variety of sights during this trip. So I publicly apologize to Art for all the whining I did.

Even though I still freak out at times during our travel, overall I love this lifestyle. To be able to see and experience so many things in a year is absolutely amazing. We are planning our next excursion and the familiar “hitch-itch” keeps coming back!

Art is practicing his “whining” since its Connie’s turn to pick a destination!

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