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Riverpoint Landing RV Park ,Stockton CA

Sacramento River , Stockton CA

Stockton RV Resort

Another 200 miles down the road today and that is all we care to drive. Our bodies do not handle the marathon drives well ,and this allows us time to wander a bit ,get fuel and check out today's destination a bit before we move on . Isn't that what us travellers really want to do is see the country ?

Happy to have our warmer days now but the nights are still producing frosty windshields in the am . Forgot about these cold nights last night when we awoke to a freezing trailer ,seems we forgot to turn on the furnace.

The I-5 Highway coming into Sacramento had some repairs done on it but the patch up work was deplorable. The truck & trailer were bucking and heaving so bad I thought we were being launched into orbit ! Slowing down only made it worse and I was forced to get into the left lane ,about this time I was looking for another highway to finish the drive when the road became drivable again. Other than that it was a easy day.

Travelling is sure easy now compared to just a few years ago . We seldom use a paper map to get around ,now its the GPS ,what a marriage saver that has become (LOL). And the Internet for actually looking or seeing the RV destination stops . For this trip our handy tools are RV Park Reviews . Before you call and reserve consult this site first . Another great site is Gas Buddy for locating the cheapest fuel prices along your journey . This site will show you where the stations are with addresses you can enter into the GPS . To date we are still paying under $4 per gallon price here in California which I did not expect . Of course there is Passport America but unfortunately these camping spots have not worked in our favour so far .

Todays stop is at a Marina / RV campground because it had the best ratings from other travellers from RV Park Reviews . Nice place on the water with sailboats and lots of public parks adjacent to us . They only have a few sites so reservations are a must here .

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