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Don't ask ME which way to go!!

Saint Eugenie church

Fishing can be precarious

Just love that sunshine

Are you sure the waves can't reach this high?

Coffee and cake by the seaside

Out with the old .... in with the new

Timing is everything

Commoners not allowed

Hotel du Palais (refer to #10)

Russian orthodox church

Back into France. After spending a couple of wonderful days in Spain, we are heading back to France to explore the west coast. Although Julie hasn't stopped waxing lyrically about Spain since we got here, its time to move on.

We have decided to head for Biarritz, just over the border near Bayonne. A relatively short drive, about 60km, we arrived at our hotel just before noon. Hotel Alcyon is a small boutique hotel located a couple of streets back from the beach area. What a delightfully charming hotel it is too. We were greeted by the owner who was most helpful in explaining the best way to get around the town, where to eat and drink, and the best sights to see. And there are no end of sights to see here. The coastline is rugged, with rocky promontorys jutting out into the oceans crashing waves. There is the obligatory magnificent church (Church of Saint Eugenie). Not to mention the sumptuous hotel, Hotel Du Palais, which is the ultimate in decadence.

Apart from the major tourist attractions, there is the town itself. Just wandering around, sitting for a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine, you are able to immerse yourself in the charm that is Biarritz. It's easy to understand how this place has been a favourite destination for vacationers from all over the world.

We;ll probably spend a couple of days here, perhaps do a day trip into the foothills of the Pyranees tomorrow.

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