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sorry if already sent - getting ready for xmas

flowers around the resort

just another view

Have arrived at Fiji airport - along with half the world - the plane is going to be very full.

No problem with our heavy luggage ! However we are both carrying loads as hand luggage.

Have had a lovely time here - and the little musical group that seem to have been with us for the last 3 days are here too, singing a sad song that we are sure is saying something like " we are sad to see you go and come again soon, bringlng lots of your money with you!!"

We have rested and sat in a bubble pool and eaten and read and had a wonderful massage and Pat says she feels like a blaeca beacon - carn't spell and computer doesn't recognise it!!! I expect you know what we mean?

Anyway we are looking forward to a couple of days in L A and then the long flight home. We believe the weather is not like it is here?

We may be in touch when in the States - if we find the time!

Love to all

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