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My fabulous taxi driver picks me up and takes me to a food court where the locals eat. So fun. I was the only tourist there! AND he brought me a drink that was almost exactly like root beer!!! I was in heaven. He told me that he was going to take most of the day off and show me around. Not quite sure why, but I'm glad he did.

We went to a museum that was hosting the Titanic exhibit. We both agreed that it wasn't that cool. But now we know. From there we went to a temple. Lit some incense for a friend, and met a monk who splashed ssome holy water on me while he chanted (I was on my knees infront of him, just hoping that the water wouldn't steam and hiss when it hit me, or that I would cause the temple to go up in flames). I was a littel embarassed...every time he shook the wisk full of holy water at me, it would startle me and I would flinch. Once I even opened my eyes to prepare myself for it, and instead got it in my eye. Holy water in my eye. Pretty sure thats not a good thing. He was a cool monk tho....he tied a cord around my wrist and chanted some more, and gave me an extra for my friend back home and some candy (is it blessed candy?!). Then asked where I was from and said he had a friend who lived in Cali. Crazy randomness. Love it.

From here we went to the Jewel Box, a cable car that runs out to Sentosa Island. This is where he left me on my own to explore. In line for the cable car I met some Americans from Minnisota. They saw my Texas Tech shirt and struck up a convo with me. We ended up hanging out for most of the day, being sarcastic and witty, and them crackin jokes about massage therapists and me telling them about all the awesome things there are to do in Chiang Mai (where they were headed to next). We walked on the beaches, made fun of a few of the asians swimming in their underware...and one of the guys even made me pose with 3 Asian guys for a picture. Hysterical. Made em get out of the water and everything. We were all so very confused. It started to rain so we ducked into a coffee shop till it was over. Then it was time for us to part ways...they had a plane to Thailand to catch and I was going to the Underwater scope out the marine life. Even snuck in a dolphin and seal show! Got super super super lost all alone in the dark. I talked to myself a lot during that walk. After asking directions several more times, finally ended up at the Wavehouse. Which is where my friend Becca had told me to go and find her friend that works there. I met him, and decided after that walk I NEEDED dinner...and it was fabulous. Talked to Becca's friend for a while and he was able to point me in the right direction to get back to the hotel. Whew.....what an exciting day!

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