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Today I leave paradise. So sad already, I really like it here in Gili.

The heat of the sun wakes me up around 6am, but I manage to sleep till 8ish then get up and begin packing.

My bags and I go to the front counter and order a pineapple pancake, and Mom is around to sit with me while I eat. I have come to love this lady. She arranges for me to stay in Kuta at a place that she has been staying at for 11 years now. She gives me the address and then hurries upstairs to go call them and book it for me, while I head to the harbour to catch the Fast Boat to Bali.

The boat arrives, they put the stairs on the edge of the boat so we don't get so wet trying to get in. They load the luggage, then we hop in. I go straight for the back this time and sit by the motors. I'm so sad to be leaving.

When we arrive in Bali, there is a van (of course no AC again) waiting to take a ton of us to our destinations. I was squished inbetween a big blonde hulk of a surfer from Canada, and an older woman from Australia. We all sweated on each other, and by the end of the trip I had learned a few nuggets of valuable info from the Canadian surfer and his girlfriend of where to go and what to do when I got to Singapore! Yay! AND the lady from Australia? Well just so happens that her and her partner/boyfriend/husband, just bought some land on the Gili's and are going back to Australia to pack up and get the boat ready to sail back to Indonesia. Yea. She says that they offer sunset cruises and surf trips on their boat. I laughingly tell her that that has always been a dream of mine, and she not laughingly tells me to give her my email address and to keep in touch, and if I am ever in a position to come back to Indo, that they would love to have me on their boat with them. Hahahaha sweet!!! But like that will ever really happen....

Terrible horrible traffic....and finally we arrive in Kuta. I walk up to the hotel that Helen had told me about and before I can even open my mouth, the dude at reception says "Ava?! Helen's friend? We've been waiting for you!" hahahaha perfect. He arranges for a taxi to take me to the airport at 3:30am, and for a breakfast to be ready for me. Wow. I take a quick totally refreshing shower, hop in the pool....and hop right back out. It was at least 20 degrees warmer than my shower. Eeew. Took another shower, got dressed, and out I go!

Just curious I stop at a local tattoo shop. Hehehehehe, and decide that yes. I NEED to get a tattoo while in Bali. So I got a simple girly frangapini flower on the top of my R foot. Perfect. Except that I didn't think about it being right under the strap of my flippy walking afterwards was a pain. This place reminds me of Mexico back in the days when it was the The place to be and party, or kind of what I imagine Ibiza to be like. Absolutely everyone was headed out to a party somewhere. The folks at the tattoo place had invited me to join them at one bar, but I figure 3:30am is going to come early and I CAN NOT miss this flight out of I wander around a bit longer, grab a quick bite to eat, find a few last minute Bali gifts, and head back to the room....

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