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Check out at 3:30am. They have set out 'breakfast' for me and called a cab, tho there was a misunderstanding and it won't be here til 4am.

Great driver, didn't talk much and drove like I do when I'm late. I like him already.

Got to the airport in plenty of time since I didn't have any luggage to check. Paid my $20 usd to be able to leave the country and followed some other lost looking travelers who are on the same flight as I to Singapore.

Flight to SIN was unremarkable except that there was some serious turbulance....the most I have ever encountered on a plane. Ever. Hahaha but I slept thru most of it.

Arrived to Singapore and grabbed a cab. My driver was the best. No seriously. The best. He is so super smart and knowledgable that he was able to interpret the tattoo on my back. (fyi it doesn't say "happiness" like I had hoped it did!) And along the way he pointed out so many interesting places and taught me so much about his Singapore. Since I really didn't know where I was going to stay, he was super helpful in finding a place that felt comfortable. We tried about 4 places before we settled on Hotel 81.

He was such a sweetie, he was so sad that he didn'thave a spare bedroom for me to be able to stay with his family! And even suggested that I go to dinner with him and his family!

I check in and my trip caught up to I napped on and off during the day. Since it was raining I didn't feel like I would be missing much. When I finally did get up and out, I walked down the street and found out why they called the area I was staying "the red light district". Hahahaha yeah. Hookers everywhere. I was wearing a tank top, some gaucho pants and my five finger vibrams (shoes) and had guys scoping me out asking how much! hahahaha wow! Really? I look more like a hooker than the woman on either side of me wearing hooker heels and short skirts?!! Craziness....

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