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After the sleepless night in the airport, I finally make it in line to board the flight to Bali. In line, I just happened to stand behind yet another American. I know this because I'm an evesdropper, and couldn't help but notice when she showed her passport to a fellow passenger right in front of me.....and of places in America..... she's from Texas!!!! Random!! Said hi, we laughed, and even more surprising was when we boarded the plane....and she was seated next to me!!! Guess they figured they should keep the Texans together for this early mornin flight!

Ends up she is from Austin, but has been living in the northern villages of India for the past ten years, and was traveling to meet a friend in Bali and to stay for the next two months (something to do with a visa). We chatted, giggled, and bonded for the first hour or so, then both slipped into a coma and didn't wake until we arrived in Bali.

Upon arrival to Bali they brought out the stairs to our plane and we walked out into the humid tropical heat, even at 8:30am. A bus took us to the main airport, where we all scrambled to get the visa paperwork filled out and get in line to go thru immigration. FYI if you ever travel to prepared to have to get in one line to pay $25 American dollars for a visa, then to get into another line to actually go thru immigration WITH that visa. and please do it in that order, because if you try going thru imm get kicked outta line to go get your visa and the have to wait in all the lines all over again.

Finally out of that mess, and outside, I grab a taxi to Ubud. The guy is a sweetie and loves my tattoo. Unbuttons his shirt, and pulls up his pants leg to show me his tats. Hahaha then offers me a dip of tobacco/snuff. Welcome to Bali!! The whole drive to Ubud is amazing, and tho I'm super tired I can't close my eyes...not with so much awesome stuff to see! He stops on the way at a local 7-11 and buys us both a bottle of water. What a doll. Then he helps find me a place to stay that is in my price range and gives me his card in case I need a driver for the rest of my trip. Annnnnnd now I'm really on my own. I leave my bag in the room and immediately rush out to see what sights I can see before it gets too dark. Hello Ubud!!!!

Fortunate for me, the Monkey Forest is located just a mile or so away! So off I go. I didn't buy any bananas, deciding to just do a walk thru and then get bananas later and have the monkeys attack. Hahahaha ends up one of the monkeys took a look at me and decided he wanted what I had in my hair! So he just climbed up my purse, to my arm, and onto my shoulder! Loved it! Managed to snap a pic with my ipod and it was perfect! Proof I was there with the monkeys ;) I was entralled. It was humid and I was a hot mess, but honestly I didn't care, I coulda just sat there for fact I did hang out for a few hour just chillin with the monkeys!!!

Walked thru the forest, took lots of pictures, and even took pictures of couples for them...I love doing that, makes me feel so helpful. Somewhere in some persons house they have a PERFECT picture in a frame, because I took it for them. hahahaha. Otherwise it would just be a close up picture of their faces and no clue where there were!

From the forest I walked and walked and got a little lost. Met a guy named Bodi who told me how lost I was and offered to give me a ride home. Wary I first said no, and then finally caved because it was getting dark...figured I'd take my chances...he was little, I could take him.

He convinced me to shower and go back to the place he works at for a party later. Uggg. fine. So he waited, and I showered, and then we went back, with the promise that he would bring me back home again at the end of the night. I ended up buying a bottle of whiskey that was waaaay too expensive and didn't even get to enjoy it before extreme exhaustion kicked in and smacked me in the head. I begged and he took me and my super expensive bottle back to the hotel. He said he wanted to show me HIS Bali tomorrow and could he please come pick me up in the morning. What the hell. Why not. I'm tired and don't feel like fighting. See ya in the morning little Bodi.

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