Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

our "campsite"

my Sweetie


Sue and a questionable Santa

town tree

part of the group

downtown looking north

looking south

Ashley and Regan (our grand-daughter)

Corey AKA Elvis

Keenan and Regan

Corey, Trent, Derek, (grandsons) Keenan and ?

me and Ken (son) singing Bob Seger

Derek and Keenan

Ken and Chris doing "Spiders and Snakes".

La (daughter) and Trent (grandson)

Ashley and Derek

Last Friday, Sue and I loaded up the jeep, hooked up the teardrop, and headed for our other lot. We finally get to go camping!!!

We spent the afternoon burning some downed wood in a great campfire. We were listening to music, dancing around the fire, and generally just having a great time. Sue said she loves doing that, "cause it makes you feel useful". I agree. We roasted hot dogs (too much, cause it was dark) and had hot chocolate. It was a beautiful night, and as Sue said many times, "a really good idea". We crawled into our snuggly warm (actually had to sleep with the door open) teardrop, and looked at old pictures on the computer. Great memories. In the morning, we headed home to get ready for our towns Christmas tree lighting in the afternoon. Not a huge event, but we love that it is done. I got a picture of Sue with Santa. I had to remind him a couple times that he didn't need to get so close to her.

After the lighting, we headed to Mansettis for some pizza, and karoake. There wasn't a big crowd because the basketball tournaments were going on. It left more time for us to sing (I use the term loosely). Spent the night at Ken and Chris'. Had breakfast, and lunch, and watched the Vikings once again pull off a spectacular LOSS. It was a good game tho.

We got home and settled in for the night when Pete called and said, "what are you doing in 15 minutes"? The kids were having a Christmas concert at church. Well, that is why we stayed home, so we hurried and got ready to go. It was a wonderful time, even with short notice.

On Monday, the art group met at Grace Lutheran to pay tribute to Kathy Hovland, and Bruce Thompson for there wonderful contribution of stain glass windows to the church. Beautiful!! Such talent. There are 26 in all. We then went out to lunch, we make that a part of pretty much every thing we do.

Until next time.

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