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One of the Valero refineries

Lots of refineries here

And into Mississippi (on the sign...way in the distance)

Nellie loves Taco

Back across the Mississippi for the trip south

Gotta' get those ears clean!

Sam enjoying dinner

Planting time in Mississippi

Huge grain storage bins

This is what we found when we arrived at Lake Chicot State...

The Ti at Lake Chicot State Park

We had the whole campground to ourselves!

The Boiler. Story in pics follows.





AHA! There are beavers in the area!!

Lots of rain....and later, lots of teeny tiny ants!!


Wow! We traveled through 3 states today… out of Arkansas into Tennessee then to Mississippi and back into Arkansas. Of course, it took us almost 4 hours to do this as we traveled from almost the northeast corner of Arkansas to the southeast corner of Arkansas. Most of the drive was in Mississippi, right down US Highway 61 past miles and miles of farmland, through a couple of too-many-traffic-light towns, along about 5 miles of what could be called casino row, and finally, over a HORRIBLE Route 144 to Lake Chicot State Park, our home base for a couple of days. This road, although smooth, was what I call a “wavy” road because it rolled you back and forth, twisting the truck one way in front and another way in the back. Horrible, horrible, horrible.




Anyway, pulled into the park at 1:44 and as Bob is on his way into the office to register, he smells burnt rubber. Oh my, it WAS rubber. The right front tire of the trailer was absolutely, positively, completely SHREDDED to smithereens! Thankfully, there was just barely enough left on the wheel so we weren’t driving on the rim but that’s about it! Once again, thank you Betsy and Will for our annual Christmas present of Good Sam Emergency Road Service. The fellow came out, changed the tire, and we were into our campsite by 5:00 p.m. And it appears we’re the only ones here!! Talk about peace and quiet.

We’re only scheduled to stay here 2 nights but it appears rain is on its way so we might be stuck here ‘til next Tuesday or Wednesday.


Actually a little spooky at night but I certainly had no problems sleeping last night. Bob and I took off this morning in search of a new tire. Well, it seems no one within 50 miles sells the Goodyear tire we need so I guess we’ll have to travel on the spare tire until our next stop which is scheduled to be Texarkana, TX. I think I’ll spring for 2 new tires because our spare tire is already 7 years old and it’s only a load rated D instead of the E that the other tires are. It’s such a shame ‘cause it’s got good tread on it. Just not the right tire for our fiver, though.

This is a beautiful state park. Of course, being the only ones here makes it even better. We did find out they have an ant problem, though. I had read about the ants in previous ratings of the park but figured they’d be gone since it’s been chilly lately. But no, not at all. Little tiny ants started appearing in the trailer in great hordes. Well, not great hordes, really, but there were a lot of them. I tried the hair spray bit on them and that works quite well. So does smushing them with paper towels. I guess we’ll be assassinating ants for the next week or so.

Unfortunately, there’s not good cell or wifi service so we feel sort of isolated. Much as I like this park, I think I'll be glad when we move on out of Arkansas.

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